Booking Your Session

Once you have decided to book a Divine Divas session, just call the studio on 01225 483151 to book! We know it can be nerve racking taking that first step, but honestly, from the feedback we receive it’s a life changing experience.

Please don’t feel you have to have model proportions to be able to have gorgeous images; just take a look at our before and after portfolio.  Divine Diva photographers bring out the beauty in all women, even if you didn’t realise you could look so fabulous!

What Should I Bring?

Bring a number of different outfits. You will probably need two outfit changes, but do bring more choices if you like. The photographer will advise you as to what works best. Bring jewellery, accessories and one special object, something with sentimental or symbolic meaning to you or your loved one. Props range from riding crops to fans, from hats to chains so come prepared!

Your Makeover

When you arrive we will have a chat over a glass of bubbly to discuss your requirements; you will then have your hair and makeup done. Please arrive with clean dry hair and a clean moisturised face, with no makeup. It’s also best to wear clothes to your session that are going to avoid bra strap marks etc. Our professional makeup artist can do everything from a natural look to a full-on glamorous or Hollywood look, depending on the style you prefer. If you have sensitive skin, feel free to bring your own makeup. We provide natural looking lashes free of charge, but if you want more dramatic ones, bring those along. Your transformation will be awesome We recommend you book a night out, as you are going to look hot!!

Your Divine Divas Photo-shoot

Your photo-shoot is a collaboration between yourself and the photographer. The more you contribute the better. The photographer will spend one to two hours with you, part of this will be getting to know you and understand what you want from the session. He will guide you from how to pose, breathe and where to place your hands. You will also be getting into shapes and poses that you have never tried before- you are likely to feel it the next day! Everything we shoot at Divine Divas is tasteful and elegant. The magic happens when you really embrace the session and express your personality and go for it. It’s dressing-up for grown-ups so don’t worry it’s really fun!

Your Viewing

At the end of your session we will book you in for your viewing, usually around a week later. The photographer will select your best images and enhance them to show you off to your best advantage. Retouching can go from very natural to full-on airbrushing as you see in the magazines. Viewing your images is the most exciting bit! You will view your images in our cinema style room on the big screen. Feel free to bring your partner or a close friend to help you choose which ones to buy and how to display them. There are often tears (from the husbands) and joy from you, because you will be looking so gorgeous. Don’t worry we are not a hard-sell company; we only want you to be happy with the images you select.

What to choose?

We have lots of lovely products to display your images-whether you want to have a large, contemporary artwork over your bed or an album you can hide away from children or when the mother in law comes to stay! Look at our product guide to help you decide what will suit your home. There’s something to suit every taste and décor. We also have a number of special packages than bundle wall art, prints and digital images saving you hundreds of pounds off the individual items. These collections start at £550.

Special Offer Only £50

Become a goddess with a Divine Diva Session

The Divine Diva Package Includes

  • Professional makeup and hairstyling
  • Bubbly drink (to calm the nerves!)
  • 1 to 2 hour photo-shoot with up to 3 outfit changes including nude shoots if required
  • Private viewing of your glorious images in our cinema style viewing room
  • Retouching of chosen images with Divine Diva skin-smoothing software
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Boudoir Photography Testimonials

Absolutely loved the experience. I  was made to feel so welcome and nerves soon went. Neill gave so much encouragement, confidence and feedback during the shoot. I wasn’t made to feel as awkward at all. So super pleased with my images! Thank you so much to everyone.

Ms M

Excellent experience! Everyone was lovely and friendly which made the whole thing relaxing and enjoyable. I was nervous, but there was no need to be. As soon as the picture taking started it was easy and fun, I would recommend it to anyone!

Ms H

A lovely experience. Made to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout.

Ms V

My experience was simply amazing. I was so worried prior to it, when I needn’t have been. Emilie instantly put me at ease, and we did have such a laugh! I would recommend this friendly, experienced company, and when I receive my images…The world will be seeing them!! Thank you for an amazing experience.

Ms F

I was very nervous at the beginning but come the end of the shoot I felt very comfortable and confident. The staff at Divine Divas made me feel very special. The finished pictures were amazing. I was overwhelmed at how good they were.

Ms B

Wonderful fun and great pictures. Thanks, thanks especially to Jesse

Ms W

I had a really fun time, made to feel at ease and would highly recommend the experience.

Ms I

‘Very pleased with the experience of the day, and more than pleased with the service and pics. So thank you all very much.


Highly recommended. Emilie you’re an extremely talented woman, you made me feel  so amazing, we had fun. I want to come back every week to go through this experience again. I feel so proud. Thank you!

Ms G

Really enjoyed every minute. Fantastic photos and an amazing experience.

Ms E

Yet another uplifting shoot.  Who doesn’t love a good pamper! A great group of people to work with, I am beyond thrilled with the photos.

Ms W

I had my session a couple of years ago now. It was a treat to myself before my wedding because I felt so self conscious and awkward in front of the camera, hating every picture of myself! I wasn’t expecting to like any of the pictures but in the end had too much choice! A great experience and confidence booster. Everyone was friendly throughout the whole thing from booking to the final picking up of the picture. Would highly recommend

Ms B

Had an amazing time having a boudoir shoot. After losing 5 stone my body confidence was pretty rubbish but I seriously enjoyed this experience and was so unbelievably happy with the images. I will have a very happy hubby on our wedding day

Ms P

Highly recommended!!!
Great experience, lovely team. Jo was so welcoming and put me at ease right from the start. I picked up my images and all I could say was WOW. They were so much better than I expected. Let’s just say I had a very happy hubby on Christmas Day.
I’ve decided to hold on to one of the images till Valentine’s Day. I just know he’s going to love it!!!!
All I will say is just do it. Any size any shape the team will work their magic. You will be amazed. Thank you Divine Divas. Xx

Ms L

Had my first photo shoot today! Wow is all I can say! I NEVER normally do ANYTHING like this as its way out of my comfort zone, but I just want to say I loved my experience so much, from start to finish and came out buzzing thank you so much, can’t wait to view the final product soon xx

Ms P

Wow !! Such a liberating and fun experience. Thank you lovely Emilie for the beautiful pictures and bringing out the Diva in me! A great day and a wonderful memory that I will look back on everytime I open my treasure box. I cannot wait to get my photographs. I highly recommend you do this it is worth it!

Ms S

Truly great experience – would recommend to anyone. The team are great & you leave the studio feeling uplifted, beautiful & confident. The atmosphere flows & as soon as you enter the studio , you feel at ease. The viewing was a great experience too. Worth giving a go definitely whatever shape or size you may think you are in the mirror. Thank you for a great time

Ms V

: I was lucky enough to have a Divine Divas experience. It was incredible, inspiring, fun. I think the NHS should prescribe it as a ‘feel good treatment’! I cannot recommend it highly enough for all ladies despite age or size. Thankyou Divine Divas

Ms G

I am a bigger girl & I was absolutely terrified about this boudoir experience but I could not recommend it enough.. or been more impressed. All the staff are professional but more importantly all so friendly too!!
Neill the photographer is amazing at what he does… and he puts you at ease instantly & throughout.
I was also really impressed with the private viewing & while on that subject; Emilie who did our viewing with us, (and also helped throughout during the day) was incredibly helpful, friendly, flexible & with my low self-esteem was the best person for the job!!
I did the shoot for my husband & he was very happy with the pics to say the least lol !!
I want to thank u all … amazing from start to finish!!

Ms P