Zowie found her Divine Divas boudoir portrait changed how she views herself

Zowie Before & After Portrait

Zowie came over two years ago for a boudoir session and we recently got in touch to ask her about her boudoir session.

What inspired you to get in touch and book? An offer, a recommendation, a special occasion, coming with a friend, something else?
A: My friend Tara had, had a session, I saw some of her prints and thought if she could so can I! I’ve had a tough time with my health since the birth of my son who is almost 9, several operations which left visible scars, lost weight, gained weight, been told I’m ugly, my body is awful etc etc.

How did you feel before the session?
A: I felt worried what I’d look like in the underwear, topless etc in front of a photographer. I almost cancelled but I’m so glad I didn’t!

How did you feel when you arrived at the studio?
A: I was so, so scared, nervous actually…. the feeling didn’t last long thanks to you guys!!

What was the makeover like?
A: The makeover was lovely, it’s so nice being pampered especially with the outcome being so amazing!

What was the photo-shoot like?
A: Absolutely amazing! I was put at ease by Emilie my photographer straight away and it wasn’t far into the shoot that I ended up nude!! (That’s a massive achievement for me!!)


How did you feel when you came back for the viewing?
A: Very nervous, worried I’d hate them.

How did you feel when you saw your images?
A: I cried, I was in total disbelief that they were me, they are beautiful, I am beautiful!

How does it feel looking at your portraits  now they’re in your home?

A: Amazing, absolutely amazing, I love them!

Do you feel any different about yourself since having your boudoir shoot?
A: Most definitely, my self-confidence has been boosted massively, I actually now believe I am beautiful!

What would you say to other women considering a boudoir session?
A:  Do it!! I promise you won’t regret it!!

I’m currently waiting for more surgery but am planning to book another session!

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