So you’ve booked your boudoir experience with us and now the panic sets in. What on earth do I wear?

This is probably the most commonly asked question we get asked. You want to choose a variety of outfits for your boudoir session that are going to flatter and make you look damn hot!

We recommend you have variety but also focus on your body shape-what do you want to enhance, what would you prefer to keep hidden!

Most women don’t like their bellies, which is when bodies come in to their own. The nice thing about a body is that it hides your belly while often giving some support.


All in one bodies work really well in the boudoir studio


Wear an oversized jumper that you can pull off your shoulder for a sexy look that reveals very little.

Sexy doesn’t have to be about showing flesh-an oversized jumper can look gorgeous.

Kinckers. Choose knickers with interest. In the boudoir studio we often photograph your behind so you don’t want just a solid black pair of pants. French knickers, Brazilians and anything with cut outs work well. A thing is great if you want to expose your whole bum!

Lacy, cut outs, thongs. Just not Bridget Jones style knickers!

White shirt. A classic shirt, particularly white, like the oversized jumper is sexy without showing off to much. It can be worn with sexy lingerie underneath or absolutely nothing!

Classic White shirt looks classy and sexy.

Suspenders, stockings and heels are so sexy! Wear the highest heels possible-we promise you, you won’t need to walk in them, just recline looking divine.  If it’s a standing pose there is usually a wall to hold on to! Choose a waspie over a suspender belt as the thinner suspender belt can dig in to your belly and produce rolls!

Stocking, suspenders and heels!

Jackets Wear a fitted jacket for a sophisticated look and team it with a hat to add mystery.

Jackets can be borrowed!


Bring a leather jacket if you’re more a biker chick!


Nudes. When we photograph naked women we want them to look like art, not something from Page 3. it’s all about light and shade and shape in the boudoir studio.

Subtle nudes are arty




Top hat, bowler hat, Panama, Fascinator.

Hats and fascinators. Hats can add a bit of drama or humour to an image. We love it when clients bring them in, but we also have a supply here!

Elegant Fascinator


We have various props you can borrow, including a range of lacy robes, hats, masks, a beautiful burlesque ostrich fan, jewellery etc.

Ideas for outfits and accessories
Ideally wear loose fitting clothes (don’t wear skinny jeans before your shoot, they tend to leave marks) and if possible no bra before your session to avoid underwear lines. Bring your favourite lingerie there is usually time for 2 or 3 changes, if you want you can go topless or nude. Bring lots of props and accessories too, ideas are below. All our portraits are done with an artistic eye to make you look beautiful and sexy.
Bra & Knickers , Baby dolls, Basques [please remove all labels and loose threads]
Burlesque outfits
Vintage outfits and accessories
High heels or thigh high boots
Costume jewellery including, bangles, necklaces, earrings
Feathers, masks, silk wraps, long gloves, fans, riding jacket, hats-vintage military work well
Stockings, preferably black [bring spares in case of ladders]
False lashes [we have natural ones, but if you want vampy ones bring your own]

We recommend the following lingerie companies:
Agent Provocateur , Marks and Spencers,,  Ann Summers and Fig Leaves.

For corsets, go for a long lined corset to your knicker line so you don’t get a gap (gives you a streamline shape)
Steel boned corsets are the best as plastic doesn’t photograph well or show off your gorgeous figure:
Corset Story, Kiss Me Deadly and What Katie Did

For curvy and bigger busted girls we recommend:
Additionelle , Ashley Graham Collection , Bravissimo and Fig Leaves.

Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas but we hope you have some of your own-we love to challenge the photographers!


Basques and Corsets can look good, but make sure they don’t have a gap between your knicker and basque if you have a tum!