Top Tips From Your Photographer

by Neill Menneer

No. 1

The boudoir shoot is always a lot of fun. At Divine Divas we say the whole experience is like ‘dressing-up’ for grown-ups! You can bring any props you like which express your, or your partners, interests. We have had riding crops, fishing rods, golf clubs, firemen’s outfits and a whole range from the ridiculous to the bizarre (tractor exhaust?!). The boudoir session is an opportunity to unleash your imagination and just enjoy the moment.

No. 2

If you’re excited or nervous don’t worry, that is entirely normal. Try and focus on the excitement end of that spectrum because of course this is not something you do every day. Or ever before! Or ever again maybe! It is a jump into the unknown but that’s a good thing and occasionally being out of your comfort zone is healthy and life affirming. From our point of view we will look after you and ensure we make you feel as comfortable as possible. We are (dare I say it!) a wonderful friendly team who only have your best interests at heart and we all contribute to giving you a great time and creating the best images of yourself you are ever likely to see.

No. 3

We all have bits about ourselves we do not like. Very, very few people are blessed with a perfect body. All the pictures you see on our web site are from clients exactly like you ie normal people. Never models. Our business thrives on offering our clients the same kind of makeover that used to be the sole preserve of models. Great makeup, elegant sets and creative subtle lighting. To say nothing of the great photography as well! We will maximise your special features and minimise the bits you don’t like (tummies being the no 1 offender!)

If you liked those tips you’ll love the next ones…Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog!