Top Tips From Your Photographer – Part 2

by Neill Menneer

No. 1

You don’t need to know how to pose. Posing is more complicated that it looks! As photographers we spend hours reviewing and practising poses. How to stand, how to look, where to look, when to let go; these are all skills that we do not expect you to have. We will guide you every step of the way.

No. 2

You will look gorgeous. That’s a promise! For years models have been put on a pedestal but the reality is anyone can be enhanced and their inner beauty revealed in the same way. Digital photography has helped and companies like ours who have been in the industry for years now have the skills to offer this expertise to you. If you’ve ‘never had a good picture taken of yourself’ that is about to change!

Just consider this – most pictures are taken by amateurs who are not considering or even wanting to consider the beauty of the whole image. Backgrounds are ignored, composition and lighting are not considered etc. The majority of pictures of yourself are taken in groups when people are generally ‘mucking about’ or have another agenda. For many years I was the worst offender for ‘pulling faces’ in an attempt to be funny! People are often caught on camera whilst talking (or even worse when they are eating!). None of these are good scenarios for making the best of yourself. At DD you spend over an hour exclusively with the photographer whose only brief is to make you look amazing. This dedication (and dare I say it – focus!) makes a big difference! Self consciousness normally happens when we are in groups but at DD there is none of this apparent judgement from others. You will find that you are much less self conscious or embarrassed than you imagine. The ‘model’ and photographer have a job to do and that is solely to bring out your best features and make you feel gorgeous. That mutually beneficial collaboration happens also to be a lot of fun. The total focus and attention on yourself is nowadays a rarity and an experience to be savoured!

No. 3

Regarding the fear of ‘prancing about’ in your lingerie in front of a stranger don’t worry. It’s a context thing. No one really minds doing the same thing on a beach in front of thousands of strangers! Furthermore the Divine Divas experience and environment is totally non-critical or judgemental. We know you will look elegant, sexy and gorgeous. It’s warmer here than a British beach as well!


Look out for more tips from Neill! The last edition will be out soon