Act as if until it becomes natural’ Smiling may not feel natural, particularly if you are feeling low or in a situation that is knocking your self-confidence. But like a lot of things if you practice; it becomes natural. Smiling can change how you feel on the inside as well as how you come across to others. It helps build your confidence and only takes a few facial muscles to work!

Go on give it a try-a smile gives you a nice warm feeling and it can have an amazing affect on the people around you. Give your partner or kids a big smile as you part today, then smile at the people you interact with, the bus driver, shop assistant, your work colleagues. You may feel a complete idiot to start with and it may be taking you out of your comfort zone, but you will find most people respond positively and those who don’t, well they probably have their own inhibitions or demons and you may have given them a little lift even if they don’t show it.

Smiling will make you look confident and this is part of the journey to take you towards amazing confidence.


Love Jo xx

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