“Life Is Not A Rehearsal”

72 years old, tall and skinny with no natural curves, hardly Divine Divas material… That’s what I thought when I saw the fabulous photographs you create for other women. However, it triggered an idea that just maybe…

So I found the Facebook page but again I nearly abandoned the idea when I saw the photographs there. However, life changing events in recent years have taught me that life is not a rehearsal so, book it!

Right, booked, and start thinking about what to wear, or rather what not to! I tried on a few lingerie sets at home but after talking through what I wanted from the shoot I decided that, as well as lingerie, I would also go for a Playboy Bunny costume.

I’d arrived at the studio on time and my nerves were starting to jangle. Being very short sighted it was amazing to see what a fabulous job Harriet had made of my makeup and hair when she’d finished and I was able to put my glasses on. That boosted my confidence up a couple of notches!

My photographer for the session was Neill. I had already explained a little about my past to him and he explained what was expected of me during the shoot. So in to the first studio and the shoot began.



Such a professional experience and, apart from constantly needing reminding to gently smile rather than look blank, I started to really enjoy it to the point where I just wanted it to go on and on. 

Neill had shown me little glimpses of some of the shots when I changed or we used one of the other studios, so I couldn’t wait for the day of the viewing, a week later. I was much more nervous than before, but that’s apparently normal! The photographs had been whittled down to just under 50 of the best, and they were fabulous! It was hard to believe it was actually me. It was so hard to further reduce the numbers for the album as I loved them all, but with Harriet’s help we got there. I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I went for the Ultimate package and added a few more!

It was such a fabulous experience. I want to repeat it before the end of the year, this time wearing my replica Bunny costumes.

Don’t think about it ladies, just do it. It’s one of those life experiences that emphasises that we’re all beautiful in our own way. Divine Divas know just know how to shine a spotlight on that beauty – literally.