“A wonderful game of “dressing-up” for adults!”

Every woman who comes to us for a Boudoir Shoot has an incredible story. The motivations and reasons behind doing Boudoir are diverse and, most often, hugely profound within their life. It’s our privilege that we get to be part of these women’s stories.

Bess was kind enough to share her story with us and now we can’t wait to share it with you!

Tell us about yourself?

So I’m staring 60 in the face, I love to be girly but I just don’t get the chance during most  of my life. I still think back fondly to my first career as a ballet  dancer. I love clothes and shoes but I am a bit rubbish with make-up as I seldom get the chance to wear it. My hair is always in a bun, dead straight or in a pony tail – a bit boring. Glamorous would not be the first description of me!


What inspired you to have a Boudoir session?
I had been thinking about having some decent photos done, partly for my own pleasure but also for my husband, as he really doesn’t have any – no wedding photos, nothing – as I am a bit camera shy!

How did you first become aware of Divine Divas?

I “won” a shoot on Facebook with another company. I checked out the company I won with – the website wasn’t very good and the pictures I saw looked very “run-of-the-mill” and uninspiring. However, winning with them brought Divine Divas adverts onto my Facebook. I liked the look that Divine Diva’s created; the style, the woman-friendly attitude and  the wonderful shots shared on the private Facebook page. so I cancelled  the other studio and booked in with Divas instead.

What was your biggest fear before coming in?

I am fairly body-confident but it’s looking at pictures of my face that fill me with fear.  I have been “scarred” by terrible school photos, I really don’t do selfies – I look awful, and really didn’t feel I had a good angle anywhere on my face. So I was concerned that I would look terrible from the neck up and hate all the pictures!

How did you feel when you arrived at the studio? 

I was apprehensive about how it would go but was made to feel really welcome and given the chance to look at even more pictures already done by the team.  These made me more confident rather than less – which was a surprise.

What was your favourite thing about being pampered and having your hair and makeup done?

It was lovely just to sit, be girly, and hand over responsibility for what I looked like to someone else!

Who was your photographer? Neill, Jesse or Emilie?
Jesse was my photographer –  he was friendly, ultra-professional  and an awesome photographer.

How would you describe the photo-shoot to others?
Like a wonderful game of “dressing-up” for adults!

When you came back for the viewing, how did you feel seeing yourself? 
I was really shocked at how glamorous I looked!  Also that there were so many shots I actually liked. I had been a gibbering wreck  the night before but that all went away with the very first photo.


What was your favourite part of the Boudoir Experience? 
Trying out all the different poses was great but also creating one I had in my head too – more of that later!

Do you feel any different about yourself since having your boudoir shoot?
I have discovered that it doesn’t matter what your “top-clothes” are – glam undies make you feel wonderful.  Also I now realise that it isn’t me that doesn’t photograph well – it’s that most people the other side of the camera don’t know how to take a decent picture.

What would you say to other women considering a boudoir session?  
You will feel so much better about yourself and discover how to exploit your best bits.  Also – if you join the Facebook page – you will meet the most fabulous,  supportive group of women and may even make long-term friends.

And last question! A little birdy told us that you managed to recreate one of your all time favourite images? Can you tell us a bit more?

For 50 years I have been obsessed a picture of the dancer, Cyd Charrise, which I saw in a book belonging to my oldest sister. Cyd  was in a corset, and on pointe in ballet shoes – it was a still from a film. It came to me at once that the shoot was my chance to try and pay homage to that picture I loved.  I am 30 years older and 3 stones heavier than Cyd was in that shot but when I showed it to Jesse, he said  “If you can stand like that – I can certainly create the shot”. So we went for it and I am beyond pleased with it.   The result is awesome and is blown up on a big  canvas in my front room for all to see!


Do you have a story you’d like to share about your Boudoir Experience? We’d love to hear it!