Top 10 Makeup Tips – From The Divas Make Up Artist

Scared of eyeliner? Have literally no idea what a primer is? Still unsure what shade of foundation you should be buying? Fear not, Harriet, an absolute queen and one of our incredibly talented Make Up Artists is here to save the day with her favourite tips!

1. Drink water. Hydration is keep to healthy glowing skin.

2. Blend!! Nothing worse than there being a line along your jaw where your foundation ends. When picking a new foundation make sure to try it in natural light!

3. Experiment and have fun. Try new brands, colours and products

4. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate your routine. You don’t need a million products to create an every day look


5. Lip liner. Use a clear wax lip liner to ensure no bleeding and longevity. If you want to intensify the colour then find a liner that’s as close of a match as possible

6. Prep is important. Make sure to cleanse tone and moisturise before applying any makeup. Your makeup will look and feel better as well as last longer. If you have dry skin you don’t need to tone.

7. Red lip always helps. I always find that when wearing a red lip you always feel immediately better and there’s an inner confident diva that really comes out to play (just make sure to find the right red for you!)


8. Get your colours done. If in doubt go for warmer tones. Make sure to speak to a professional about whether you should be focusing on cooler or warmer colours.

9. Cut strip lashes for easier application. Strip lashes can be so fiddly so try cutting them into three sections and apply them one by one

10. Get yourself some new brushes. Having good tools will instantly help your makeup look and last better. Definitely the place to spend your money!