Many women who want to book a Divine Divas boudoir experience feel they need to lose weight before they can. Which is often the refrain they say to themselves throughout life, when I lose weight: I will be happier, get a boyfriend, buy nice clothes, get a better job etc. etc.

We rarely look at ourselves positively and believe life will always be much better when we’ve lost that weight, or been to the gym.

The reality is that you shouldn’t put your life on hold, you should live life to the full and do all the things you want to do now so that you nourish yourself and not wait for the day when you lose those extra pounds.

The negative self-talk that women can have about their size can be reprogrammed by saying nice things about yourself . Instead of saying I’m fat say I’m curvy, instead of focussing on your stomach or thighs or the part you really hate, focus on the parts you like (or don’t mind), I’ve got good hair, or I like my lips or my shoulders are quite nice. If you can’t think of anything positive what does your partner or best friend like about you? Jack likes my boobs, or Amy says I’ve got long legs.

What I have learnt from the seven years that we have been running Divine Divas is that size has little to do with body confidence. Occasionally women who we traditionally think of as large can be more confident about their sexiness than women who we view as slim. As one client said of her size 24 self-I’m size sexy, which is an attitude that we should all embrace whatever size we are and learn to love ourselves.