Why do women book a boudoir experience?

Most of the women who book a session with us are doing it for themselves (even if their partners will also enjoy the images!)

Usually it is about seeking more confidence and boosting their self-esteem.

Often this lack of positive self-esteem is to do with body confidence. A lot of women have never felt beautiful or never had a good photograph of themselves. Things might have changed; perhaps they’ve become mums or put on (or even taken off) weight and they need to learn to love their new body. Having a Divine Divas boudoir experience helps them to see themselves differently and more positively.

Other women book a session to help reconnect with their true selves again. They’ve been busy being mums, wives, carers or workers and haven’t had the time or energy to focus on themselves. Doing a boudoir experience helps some women to get in touch with the sexy being that has been hidden away.

There are also women who book a boudoir experience to mark an event in their lives, they are having a special birthday, they’ve lost loads of weight, they’re getting married, they’ve recently divorced or they’ve met a new partner, they’ve been diagnosed with cancer or they’ve gone into remission. Whatever the change we can help to celebrate the new you.

Whatever the reason, the results are always positive. Women flourish from having a pampering makeover and a fully guided photo-shoot and when they see the images during the viewing session they can’t believe they look so gorgeous.

At Divine Divas we work with ‘normal women’ who don’t have washboard stomachs, whose boobs may not be as perky as they used to be, with cellulite and stretchmarks and all the other things we beat ourselves up about.  We help women like you and me become more accepting and to learn to be kinder and learn to love ourselves.

If you are one of the many women who could do with a bit more self-confidence have a look at our website and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book.

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Boudoir Photography Testimonials

Excellent experience! Everyone was lovely and friendly which made the whole thing relaxing and enjoyable. I was nervous, but there was no need to be. As soon as the picture taking started it was easy and fun, I would recommend it to anyone!

Ms H

Absolutely loved the experience. I  was made to feel so welcome and nerves soon went. Neill gave so much encouragement, confidence and feedback during the shoot. I wasn’t made to feel as awkward at all. So super pleased with my images! Thank you so much to everyone.

Ms M

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