Divine Divas boudoir client
Divine Divas was approached by Menopause Matters magazine to find out if any of clients had been through the menopause. Lots of our clients have been through the menopause, or experiencing it at the moment-many a hot flush has been shared during hair and make-up or the shoot!

Two of our clients Alison and Fiona were happy to share their experiences of hot flushes, weight gain (and loss) and learning to feel sexy and attractive through having a boudoir experience, once they were menopausal.

Women in the past have reached a point where they start feeling invisible. Once upon a time, they may have a had look or two when they were out and about. Now they get none, worse still if they go out with their teenage daughter the focus is on their beautiful daughter, which is lovely on one level but can make you feel frumpy and old.

Nowadays women over 40 can still look and feel vibrant and sexy. We have hair dye, make-up, fabulous clothes and accessories to choose from. It doesn’t matter that your body may not look like it did in your 20s, it is totally down to attitude and how you feel inside.
Looking after yourself becomes a priority as we age. Eating food that is nutritious and moving our bodies gives us the foundation to feel good. I know if I have a weekend of stuffing crap I physically feel much worse. For me walking daily and yoga several times a week, makes me at the age of 53 feel better than I did in my 20s, when late nights and gin and tonics featured way too heavily!

Being able to see yourself as still a gorgeous woman (or maybe see yourself for the first time) helps enormously. I know when I see my own boudoir images it makes me feel good and getting feedback from our clients I know how powerful it is.

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Menopause Matters Magazine article on boudoir post menopause