5 Top Tips for Posing

One of the things that the women who come to us tend to worry about the most is that they will not know how to pose in their Boudoir Photoshoot. To them, the idea of looking or feeling sexy is alien – even scary or ridiculous. We tell everyone the same; you are not alone in worrying about this BUT do not worry! The photoshoot is fully guided. What we mean by this is that the photographer is there to help you with the posing throughout your experience. The women we work with are not models, they’re normal people just like me and you, so we don’t expect people to know how to pose!

We do however have a few of our photographer’s favourite tips that may help you on your journey with how to feel good behind the camera. So, enjoy a sneak peak into the Boudoir studio and (who knows?) maybe even use these tips to rediscover the vixen you’ve lost. You’ll be surprised at how many tips are more about the mind than the smile…

1 – “If you’re feeling a bit silly, then you’re doing it right”

This is a favourite from one of our photographers, Emilie. It’s not uncommon for posing to feel a bit strange and they’re are many reasons for this! One being that a Boudoir Photo-shoot is not an every day experience. Being in your underwear on a chaise lounge is probably not a usual occurrence for you (although that would be fun) so it’s completely expected if you feel a little silly. Additionally, some of the poses we ask you to do may seem strange but trust us, often the strangest poses create the best results! The best thing to do is to lean into the silly side and just go for it. You’ll be surprised at how much laughter goes on in the Boudoir Studio…

2 – Don’t over analyse it, just do what you usually would!
There are some poses which will the photographer will ask you to do – like running your hand through your hair – which are actually fairly normal actions. However, being in the Boudoir Studio can make those things seem different. It’s so easy to become more robotic with your actions because it feels like you suddenly forget how to do these things naturally, or your mind can go into overdrive thinking about what looks good. The trick is not to over analyse; like we said, things like putting your hands through your hair is something you would do every day! So do it as you would then, trying to be fluid with your actions,  and don’t worry about looking amazing whilst you do it. We promise the end result will be great. Plus, think how many women have come to us and felt strange doing it. You are not alone!

3 – ‘The Pop”

This is a Divine Divas classic. “The Pop” (chest out, bum out, back slightly arched) is all about highlighting your gorgeous womanly features. It’s all about holding yourself in a certain way that seems confident whilst also creating a beautiful shape. The same is true for other poses; for example another classic trick is to accentuate the hip to waist ratio by bending one knee slightly, transferring your weight onto one side of the body and pushing your hip slightly out. We know it’s hard to imagine when you haven’t got someone visually demonstrating in front of you but try it out in the mirror and you’ll see when you’ve got it.

4 – No Fake Smiles

We want to capture you with your genuine smile – genuinely having fun! So don’t worry about practising your best cheesy grin. The photographers will often ask you to slightly open your mouth also, as if you’re just breathing through your mouth. This is another one of those poses that may feel slightly odd but it works a treat.

5 – Don’t Be Afraid to Feel Sexy.
Okay back to point number one, you know when I said there are reasons people feel silly? Well, in truth, a lot of that doesn’t come from poses but, in truth, the mindset. It’s that niggling thought in your head when you’re doing the poses that sound a bit like this: ‘I won’t look sexy’, ‘I look stupid doing this’, ‘ I don’t know how to look sexy, I can’t be’… the list goes on. There is that certain embarrassment or panic that you’re trying to be something you’re not able to be. STOP.

This is NOT true – nor has it ever been. This, however, is where you will see the real transformation in the Boudoir Studio. Of course, your body stays looking the same as when you walked in! What will change is how you see it. Our Photographers are incredible at getting you to start believing in yourself. The talent isn’t in teaching you how to pose, it’s in teaching you how to feel incredible – and, guess what, that then comes out in the photo!

If you’re in a headspace of knowing you look sexy, knowing you look confident, then those poses will come more naturally. There’s no shame in knowing you look amazing. The Boudoir Studio is a supportive, safe space for you to unleash your inner Diva and let the confidence come out – for good. The posing will follow then, trust us.