I recently put this question to our Facebook page.

Question to ladies who’ve been to us before.

Do you feel differently about yourself since your Divine Divas experience?

The replies were so rich and wonderful-I had to share.

I certainly feel more confident and don’t beat myself up as much now! I can’t recommend a boudoir session enough! Xx

I certainly feel more confident about myself.

Most definitely, I nearly had a panic attack whilst sat in your car park before the shoot but I came out bouncing, I felt so much more confident and proud of myself, I cannot recommend you guys brought xx
I feel more confident & now happy in my own skin. You made me see that I am beautiful. The whole experience was amazing. It was like walking in one person & coming out someone different. My husband has noticed a change in that I stand taller with my head held high. Thankyou Divine Divas
Caroline Stevens 
Loved the whole experience- made me feel wonderful and confident. Thanks to the whole team x
I feel more accepting of myself and my wobbly bits. I have just received my album and my art work and it is such fabulous quality that it was another massive treat just to open it up..I’ve just shown the album to a friend and she said “you should be proud” – it is a fabulous and affirming gift to yourself.
I loved my photo shoot after the nerves went didn’t take long just wish I could of had a couple of pics with my glasses as that’s me x
I loved the experience and after the photo shoot Iv never felt so comfortable and confident in my own body, it’s definitely worth it and I do feel beautiful ❤️ thank you so much x
Yes I do. I feel like I have embraced my new body since becoming a mum, makes me stand a little taller. and it was a year ago today that I had my viewing from my shoot! Amazing! Thank you xxx
I can say the experience made me so much more happier to be me! I embrace the flaws and to be honest they are not as bad I originally thought. My own head was hurting me and bringing me down. I know now I am one lovely, squishy belly & bottomed hottie in my own right!!! I am so grateful for the photo shoot and to see a better me all natural & beautiful. I showed my mum too (my hero lol) she said they were gorgeous, classy and sophisticated and was proud of me. What more could you want from an experience. You are amazing and thank you for showing me the real me!!! Xoxo x

I was looking at my photos and I love them. My husband says I look gorgeous. Made me feel very sexy

Yes totally!!!
If I ever feel low about myself I look at my photos & realise I am incredible!
I was brave enough to do that shoot & be proud of who I am.
I am now working on being the best me I can be.
You & your team helped me see this & were amazing from start to finish!

It was a very liberating experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was made to feel very relaxed and confident during the shoot and I took that feeling away with me – it’s good to look at the images to re-affirm that confidence when it slips! A lot of it is down to you all as a team and how you treat the people who come to you for a confidence boost. Thank you for a really enjoyable and liberating experience! x