On Friday it’s the International Day of Happiness. There is a lot on Radio 4 about measuring happiness, what happiness means to us etc etc.

What I have come to realise as I approach my half-century is that happiness is given out in unequal measures and happiness doesn’t seem to have any relevance to  what has happened to in your life. I feel I am very happy. I haven’t had much to challenge my happiness. I’ve been very lucky; loving parents growing up in the coutryside, lovely partner (Neill) for 29 years, good health, two beautiful and happy children, I live in one of the most desirable cities in the UK and have a group of caring friends. Of course I have days when I feel dark and I wonder what I would be like if I hadn’t lived such a blessed life but as I said before there hasn’t been much to challenge me. I also do a job that I love. I’m working with people, predominantly women, who teach me so much, show me their lives in a very short time.

One of the exercises I was taught when I trained as a life coach years ago was to keep a gratitude journal-write down on a daily basis everything you are graetful-sometimes this can be a challenge if you are feeling very low, so it may be as simple as I am grateful there was toilet paper on the roll when I went to the loo this morning!  One of things I learnt about myself is that if I have to do something and haven’t done it I usually beat myself up about it! So I forget writing it down, what I do instead when I remember which is usually when I am walking with Jaspa on my way to work is to go through the things I am grateful for. It usually includes a lot of the above, but depending on the day it could include ‘I am grateful to see all the daffodils coming out’, I am grateful that I can walk to work in the mornings’ ‘I am grateful that Sarah loved her images yesterday’.

Gratitude and happiness do go hand in hand and what I am taught on a weekly basis by the women who come to have a Divine Divas session with us, is that despite living challenging lives, most of the women we work with are very positive.

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