Female Sexuality is POWERFUL

Let’s get one thing straight – you are gorgeous. You are incredible. You are strong. And, you are sexy.

Don’t laugh at that. You are. Everyone is. And there’s nothing more powerful than owning your own sexuality. In fact, that’s why we do what we do.

As a woman, it’s very easy to fall in the trap of being told when and where we can be sexy. Truth is, it’s up to us to decide. Of course, it’s also very easy to fall into the other trap of forgetting how beautiful we are. To look in the mirror and see and hear only the negatives; the weight of a million voices telling you how we should look. Small waist. Big boobs. Toned stomach. Clear skin. Long legs…. Well, yawn.

We don’t believe in any of that. There is no body on this world that isn’t sexy – and the sexiest thing in the world? Confidence. Now, more than most, we understand that being confident is no small task. In fact, it is a bloody massive task that is really a whole journey – in which there will be ups and downs, comparisons and large glasses of red wine. That’s fine too though, we’re human (also red wine is nice)

What we can do about it is this: we can be kind to ourselves. We can understand when we’re not feeling totally in love with ourselves and be patient, we can take baby steps with the eventual goal being to celebrate everything that you are – body and soul.



Choosing to be ‘sexy’ can be quite scary – what with people telling you how you should do it or whether you should want to but there is never anything wrong with looking at your body and feeling proud. It can also be scary because you simply don’t believe you can be attractive. The adjective ‘sexy’ can become too context dependent, hinged upon other people complimenting you, and maybe you feel like you haven’t had that in a while. Maybe though, it’s time to stop waiting for praise from other people.

That’s where we step in, if you want, because what Boudoir does is celebrate your body. Not for anyone around you, not for the praise of others, but for only you. If you choose to show your partner how damn lucky they are with an incredible gift then by all means, be our guest, but this is for you. It is a unique opportunity in which the ONLY person who needs to give yourself a compliment is you. This can be hard, really hard, we understand that, but that’s why we’re here to help.

It is a whole experience that retrains you to fall in love with your body, to worship your shape and every thing that anybody has ever dared to call a ‘flaw’ because, of course, you know that you are no less than a Queen. By the end of a Boudoir Experience, you feel invincible because you know the truth.

You know that you are gorgeous.
You know that you are incredible.
You know that you are strong.
And, you know that you are sexy.
Everyone always is.