Boost your confidence
Boost your confidence

You may not feel confident at the stage of life you are at. Rubbish happens: parents die, kids misbehave, you don’t get the job you hoped for, your partner cheats on you, you put on weight, you don’t like looking at yourself in the mirror. All of these things and more are going to knock you down and keep you there unless you take positive action to change how you feel about yourself.

I will be sharing with you simple steps over the next few weeks that can help to make a difference. It may not happen overnight, but becoming aware of how you are sabotaging yourself and starting to undo that behaviour can really make a difference about how you feel about yourself.

Today I want you to become aware of what is going on in your head!

Have you noticed the voice in your head that knocks you back or keeps you down? It may sound like your mother, an old teacher, it may be your own voice, but whenever you are beginning to feel good about yourself you can guarantee it will pop up and tell you not to be so stupid, or that’s not something you could do, or there’s no way he would be attracted to you. Whatever you are doing it will be there to keep you in your place.

I want you to become aware of that voice. What does it sound like? When does it talk to you? What does it say?

The next time you hear ‘the voice’, ask yourself if what it is saying is serving you? Is it keeping you safe or keeping you from becoming the person you want to be?

I want you to acknowledge what it’s saying to you and then say something more positive.

‘You could never do that’ reply with ‘If I don’t try I will never know’

‘Your stomach is so huge’ reply with ‘I’ve always had good legs/eyes/hands (whatever applies to you)

‘He would never fancy you’ reply with ‘A little flirt never hurt’

So start supporting you, put ‘the voice’ to one side and start telling yourself kind things.

Love Jo xx

This is me below- in my ‘before & after’.Divine Divas boudoir experience .

Jo Menneer Director of Divine Divas
Jo Menneer Director of Divine Divas
I used to have little confidence and would prefer to observe what’s going on rather than engage. In 2000 I trained as a life coach which gave me the skills to help others but also had life changing effects on me. I use the skills on a daily basis which I am passing on to you. I now run a boudoir photography studio in Bath with my husband and a wonderful team of professional photographers and make-up artists, supporting women to grow in confidence and feel beautiful. If you are interested in your own boudoir experience which many women have found to be a great first step to feeling great about themselves, we have a special offer