Yvonne needed a confidence boost after hitting early menopause, so she booked her second boudoir session with Divine Divas

Yvonne when she arrived and then during her shoot

What motivated you to book a boudoir session?
About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with early menopause after suffering symptoms for at least 2 years. As well as the realisation that I may never have children, I have battled with mood swings, low self-esteem, low confidence, bouts of depression, feeling unattractive, overweight & unfit & generally not liking myself very much. Only those close to me were aware of how low I have been. I have worked on getting back to my old self by subtly changing how I look so I feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m back exercising & I’m making myself go out instead of sitting in all the time. I wanted to give myself a challenge & a boost at the same time which is why I wanted to do the photo shoot.

How did you first become aware of Divine Divas?
I had a photo shoot done in 2012 before I got married

How did you feel when you arrived at the studio?
I was nervous but was quickly made to feel at ease by Harriet as she did my make-up & hair for me, making me feel glamorous before I even did anything!

What was the photo-shoot like?
The shoot was fabulous! Jesse had sourced my previous shoot to see the photos & took on board that I wanted something a bit different to before & a little edgier. He made me feel calm & relaxed & totally at ease. He made me feel special during the shoot as well as making me feel sexy & confident in myself & what I was doing without it feeling sleazy in anyway at all.

How did you feel when you came back for the viewing?
Excited!!! I couldn’t wait to see them

How did you feel when you saw your images?
 Amazed! I knew it was me but some didn’t look like me or I didn’t think they do. All of the images are stunningly shot & I feel so proud for being able to actually do it. I didn’t have the view of myself that is projected in the images & it has boosted my confidence & self esteem ten fold

If you have your portraits already, how does it feel looking at them now?
I love them! They remind me that I am sexy & do look good & I’m not as old as my body makes me feel at times. I have my infinity image in my dressing room as a reminder to myself of how good I can & do look

Do you feel any different about yourself since having your boudoir shoot?
Totally. As above, it has massively boosted my confidence & self esteem. I still have low days but looking at my images or seeing my video gives me a good boost again.



What would you say to other women considering a boudoir session?
DO IT!!! My friends are all in awe of them & a few have said they want to or will do a shoot themselves in the not too distant future.