Why Boudoir Is The Most Fun You’ll Have

We know. Right now, when you think of Boudoir the thing that likely comes to your head is nerves. That makes sense. (Congratulations if it isn’t by the way, we love a bit of excitement!) All of the Divine Divas team have had a Boudoir Experience so trust us when we say, we understand. However, as someone who has not only had a Boudoir Experience but also talked to hundreds of women about their Boudoir sessions – I can firmly say that ‘nervous’ is not the adjective used to describe the session AFTER people have experienced it.

Do you know what it is?

Yes, it is empowering. Yes, liberating. Damn straight it’s confidence building too. But how else do people describe it? FUN.

We often describe Boudoir as ‘dressing up for adults’ because although it does have a very serious element in it – that part that focuses on retraining your self-confidence – a lot of that is achieved through fun. Yes, there is discussion and sometimes a few emotional tears (happy tears we’re eager to add!) but there is also so much laughter, silliness and playfulness.

There is laughing at poses, laughing at stories, laughing at the things that photographers say to you mid lying on a chaise lounge in a corset (“so, who’s your celebrity crush?”), there is relaxing whilst having your hair and make-up done – bubbly in hand, there is chatting through outfit choices, there is swooning by all of the Divine Divas team as we can’t help but come over to compliment your hair and high heel choice, there is cuddles with Jaspa the enthusiastic studio dog who always comes over to sneeze as the Make Up Artist puts hair spray on, there is cheeky shots you never thought you’d suggest… There is so so so much joy in our studio. 

Maybe you don’t believe that you can beat the nerves, but we do believe – because we’ve seen it countless times. We’ve heard the laughter that comes from the studio and WE KNOW with complete certainty, that give it five minutes after stripping off and you’ll be telling us the same thing that everyone else says – that is the MOST fun you have had in ages.