We’ve heard so many incredible stories from past Divas who have got in touch to tell us about their accomplishments since their Boudoir shoot and each and every one absolutely blows us away. Confidence means something different to every woman and the way in which Divas have reacted to their confidence-boost is equally as different. We’ve had messages telling us that the shoot empowered them to leave an abusive relationship, quit their job and chase their dream career, become more confident in the bedroom – or just a wear a bikini on holiday for the first time in 27 years! We’ve even had one Diva who told us that her experience with us is what kick started her recovery from depression.
These stories are why we do what we do. We understand the impact that a day of being shown how incredible you are can have. It’s a confidence boost with a domino effect that keeps giving.
Inspired by this idea and a recent Diva who got in contact with us to share her story, we decided to put a few questions out there to our gorgeous  Divine Divas Girl’s Only Group Facebook. These were the questions we asked:
1)How has your Boudoir Experience changed your life?
2)What decisions have you made that you never would have had the confidence to make prior to the shoot?
Read on to see what our Divas told us…

Catherine – It’s made me realise that I’m not ‘past it’ because I’m 53 & size 18. My Boudoir Experience game the confidence to wear a bikini on holiday… and I’ve just gone back to college to train as a PT! Who knew posing in your undies (or less) could be so empowering!

Star – You’ve helped me find myself and taught me to love every inch of my body. I know now that I am worth it. Thank you for showing me the way. Yesterday, I got a beautiful tattoo done – to celebrate my beautiful body and soul. Oh, before I forget… you also showed me the first ever photo of my bottom and WOW! My worries I’ve had all of my life were flawed; my only regret is that I wish that I had met you all sooner.

Zarah – You’ve made me realise that I should love the body that I have and not change it! Before my first shoot I was considering a boob job as I was so unhappy with them, now I love my body – every single inch of it!

Debra-Anne – Being transgender I have always hated my body. In 2014 I began to transition and, although I was living as a woman already, I never felt confident in my appearance. Having the experience of the boudoir shoot has showed me that I am what other people say they see when they look at me; I am that beautiful woman who is bravely overcoming body dysmorphia. Having a shoot has given me the courage to begin looking for a girlfriend rather than hiding away till I have had my surgery.

Vicky – My confidence and belief in myself has definitely changed since my shoot – which wasn’t long ago! I’m taking each day as it comes so watch this space!! The shoot has taught me to not be so hard on myself and I definitely see myself differently when I look in the mirror. I’ve learnt to love myself just as I am today. Plus, now sexy undies aren’t just for special occasions! They’re everyday attire now! You have helped me see ME and, for that, I’m eternally grateful. Thank you DD.

Tracy – My boudoir experience has given me the confidence to love myself and understand my self worth. It has encouraged me to do whatever I want, no matter my size or my self doubt. I signed up for a 5K Mud Challenge run which I’m doing this Sunday to raise money for Breast Cancer. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the confidence. Also my boyfriend loves the new confidence! 😋


Sara – It’s made me realise that I have a body to be thankful for and that I shouldn’t keep wishing that I could change to fit into others ideals. My ex husband once told me that he found me less attractive after having our children because of my weight gain. This hurt. A lot. This and other abusive behaviour pretty much destroyed my body self confidence in every single way! I used to say I didn’t care what people thought of me but it was never really true. I tried every diet under the sun and have been doing so since I was 24! That’s 13 years of non stop dieting to achieve the “perfect” body; whatever that even is. Who knew I already had the perfect body; for me? When I viewed my photos I didn’t see a mum tum, a tired face, stretch marks; cellulite filled bum or tree trunk thighs; I saw a beautiful body that’s been through a lot but looked fab! All those years I hated what I looked at in the mirror. All those years I wished I could look different. Now I genuinely don‘t know why. I’m excited to move on with the next chapter of my life post divorce and no longer fear the time I may become intimate with someone again. Thanks DD; best present ever.

Lisa – My Boudoir Experience has definitely a boost to my confidence! My husband was always telling me that I was beautiful and sexy but after lots of surgery and other issues around my body I never believed it. People would often say how lucky I was to be slim & that was all they’d see. My clothes were my armour but deep down I hated my self and my body. I still have days like that but when I do, I look at my photos and realise I am not that bad! My husband has definitely noticed a difference and it has improved our romantic side. The light even stays on now. So Thank you DD. The work you all do is amazing

Stacie – Honestly it has made me think a little more about me! There are things I wouldn’t normally have bothered doing but now I look after myself that little bit more.

Maria – It made me realise that I am a woman who is beautiful and has confidence and sass. I had had a crap couple of years; I had vulva cancer so I had most of my womanly bits taken away. I didn’t feel like a woman any more… and then my husband left me for another woman. After my photo shoot and seeing the photos I realised I AM pretty so I’m now going out more and I will even chat to men!

Donna – Before the shoot I thought I was too fat and frumpy. Since the shoot, I have not only worn my bikini for the first time in years but I have been so much more confident behind the camera! My Boudoir Experience was such a confidence boost.

Amanda – The reaction I got from everyone made me think wow I can show myself off! It was because of this that I looked at myself with a different perspective and thought, yep I’m proud. I’ve come so far on my journey.

Victoria – My Boudoir shoot has allowed me to start looking at myself differently; I can now look in the mirror and not feel disgusted at myself. I still have my off days but then who doesn’t! It has given me a real confident boost and allowed me to do things I never thought I would. I’ve even now booked a couples shoot! My Divine Divas experience has truly has been a life changer.

Paula – My experience with Divine Divas has given me more body confidence and I now believe my husband when he says I’m beautiful.
Marie – Like most woman after giving birth I did not think I looked very attractive but after seeing my pictures I have found different sides of my self that I didn’t know I had. I was so surprised, I loved every picture and could not narrow them down!I don’t regret one nano-second of the experience. It has totally changed the way that I see myself and now I can be more indulgent and generous with myself. I’m not so critical all the time! I don’t look like a princess all the time but I know that that beautiful woman is in me. Thank you Divine Divas for making me one.