DIVINE DIVAS TOP TIPS: A note from past Divine Divas to future ones…

People often ask us if we have any tips for the day – whether it’s about outfits (did someone say shopping trip?), props (yes, we do have a whip and ostrich feathers) or – the big one – nerves. As much as we could talk about Boudoir forever, if we’re honest there’s no better way to tell you about it than through the amazing women who have come to us and if there’s one thing we’re really REALLY proud of, it’s the Divine Divas Girl’s Only Group.

We often watch chat about how incredibly supportive is – but it’s not just support. The tips and advice given by the ladies on the group are absolutely fantastic so we put the question to the group – what is your best tip you learnt from your Boudoir Experience? This is what they said…


Jai – “I was so nervous of my shoot, I remember thinking ‘who am I kidding, thinking I can get in next to nothing and pose for photos’. I lost all my self confidence in my body, and myself as a person. But for those few hours, being pampered, and guided by Emilie, I found myself again and felt beautiful again… if you’re ever doubting it and are nervous, firstly remember nerves are a good thing and secondly, you’re going to enjoy every single second. When you get to view your wonderful photos, you will feel empowered and they’ll be no stopping your confidence growing!! Go for it, you won’t regret it xx”



Pat – “I had seen so many shots & recommendations for this business I decided to just go for. I wasn’t nervous but was very excited about it. I was guided by Harriet about my make up & hair & Jesse the male photographer was just amazing and put me at ease straight away, helping to choose the outfits for my shoot out of the many I took with me. He gave me a sneak peek at a couple of shots & I thought ‘wow, is that really me?’. After the shoot was over I remember saying to my friend ” if ever there was a way to feel good and raise your confidence …that was it “.I couldn’t wait to return to view my shots and wow I was blown away! I only expected to buy a couple but I ended up spending a fortune but I have to say it was well worth it. I was so proud of my shots I posted them on Facebook for all the world to see!! My images are proudly displayed on my bedroom wall & my screen show on a digital video/photo screen. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Best feeling ever, thank you DD x”



Donna – “Contemplating doing a Boudoir shoot? Book It! Don’t book for months in advance as you have longer to stress and worry about it. Take several outfits with you as photographer can help choose what will work the best. Take a pair of heels – the higher the better as you don’t need to walk in them. Eat before you arrive, even if stomach is doing somersaults. And above all, enjoy it.You will be made to feel so sexy and so special and will leave on top of the world knowing you will soon have some gorgeous photographs to remind you of how gorgeous you really are!”






Brenda – “Ladies, I have been a plus size for many years, still am. Low confidence, it goes out of the window when asked to ‘ pop’ by Emilie, giggles, laughter and wonderful makeup and hair and suddenly your inner Diva emerges. Where did she come from ? Do it, you will never regret it. Thankyou all xxx”











Wendy – “Hi ladies. I wasn’t nervous even though I have a wonky eye, bad hair and not as flat a tummy as I would like. Accepting those things and letting Emelie know how I felt meant we were able to do the poses to avoid bringing out what I felt were my negatives. I can honestly say my photos look beautiful and natural which, although sounds arrogant, is just how I feel after the experience. I haven’t ever been photogenic but now realise that’s because there is a difference between home snaps and a professional photographer focusing on the best of you and bringing out all the good bits. I can’t encourage anyone enough to do this. What ever level your self confidence is beforehand it will be soaring afterwards x”







Clare – “I was so concerned that my size would hamper my enjoyment of my shoot, I had such mixed emotions as I was sat there having my hair and makeup done, tears prickled as I looked at myself wondering where this woman I saw in the mirror had been hiding… the whole experience lifted my heart and put back the pieces of my self confidence that had been lost for a while… without the encouragement and care of the team I would not have relaxed and got me back… the photos are truly amazing…. in short – grab the chance to rebuild yourself. Do it for you, do it for the love of yourself…. be brave xx”





And finally – our tip?

 If you’re feeling too big, too imperfect, too insecure, if you feel like you want to wait till you’ve lost some weight or till you look a certain way… then stop.

NOW is the perfect time to do it. We often find that the ladies who are most nervous coming to us find the most value in the Boudoir Experience. You are perfect as you are now; there is no time like the present so stop trying to change yourself and instead take a step to embracing yourself as you are. Come to us and let us show you that insecurity and that feelings of worthlessness – they do not control you and your decisions. Let us show you how gorgeous and strong you are so you can walk with your held up high. It’s time to make some time for YOU.