6 Top Alternatives to Lingerie

Tempted by the idea of Boudoir but not sure you want to bear it all? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. (Please excuse that awful pun)

  1. Time to Raid Wardrobes

Who knew your partners wardrobe could be so useful? There are so many things that can work amazingly here. Oversized jumpers or oversized football shirts for example. Anything that is a little baggy so it can hang off the shoulder in that suggestive (but modest) way

2. The Classic – A White Shirt

This is 100% one of our favourites. A crisp white shirt can work absolute wonders, especially if you’re feeling like you’d rather cover up a bit. It’s a really classic way to look sexy and elegant whilst leaving something to the imagination.


3. The Biker Chick Look

Feeling like you want to go a bit edgy with your look? Leather jackets are your answer. Team them with lace up boots for the ultimate rock chick look.

4. The Hollywood Look! 

Prefer to go for a glamorous evening gown? Fabulous! We adore a Red Carpet moment.

5. Three Words – Silky. Red. Robe.

One of our all time favourite accessory! We have a red robe in the studio you can borrow and it always looks gorgeous.

6. Burlesque, darling.

Giant pink feather. Do we need to say anymore?